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    Before the last incident that happen with my girl we had a Male Dogue lined up to breed with my girl.
    This was even before we had lost our boy to the snake.
    It all scared the crap outta me so I cancelled the entire thing and told the peoples with the male I
    was not able to use his stud ect ....
    I took Geneva to my vet yesterday for a booster and my vet says that there is not reason why we couldn't
    go ahead with the original plans.
    She is in perfect health according to my vet.

    ANyway just wanted to announce that we may be putting her with an outstanding male that we meet at the beginning of
    the year.My husband actually spotted the dog on the back of the ute at the service station and got chatting.
    The male dog is registered on the main registry and the guy even got all health testing done (hip & Elbow scoring)
    because we said we would be interested further on down the track and we wouldn't even look at his dog unless all
    health tests were done.
    It looks like Geneva is coming into season again so we will be arranging everything soon.
    We have had a contract drawn up as the owner of the male dog wants A dog from the litter and we have agreed
    on this and this only.

    The dog owner is moving away next year so this is why we are interested with this mating.The male is a beautiful
    dark mahogony colour with a beautiful temperament and a well built head. I looking at storing the
    males sperm to do this next season but it's way too costly.
    Here's a picture of the male.
    We actually had the male over for a visit a few days ago.
    I am a little worried to do the mating so soon but my vet has assured me she is all ok

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    Keep us posted, it sounds like things lined up well for this one.

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    Exciting times ahead for you!

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    Good luck
    “All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn't a dog.”
    ― Charles M. Schulz

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    Lucky Lady I hope everything goes well for your little girl....she has the most pinchable cheeks
    Please keep us up to date and post heaps of photos pleeeeeeaaaaaasssse

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