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Thread: Hope it doesn't happen and I'm asleep!

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    Well things are improving. Polly isn't afraid of him anymore and willingly feeds him whenever he wants too since I bought the new bottle, I haven't even had to use it. she has been doing the job all on her own...I'm so happy about that. Her instincts tells her to lick him, but she just licks the air near him, hopefully she will get it right soon, or i'll just continue doing the job for her, I'm so very proud how far she has come. Jack is getting so big, a week old tomorrow. He is so strong, and from today we are handling him a lot, being a singleton pup he needs lots of stimulation (touching all over, pulling from teat, pushing him away from mommy etc) He is so frikkin adorable I could squeeze him LOL. Oh...and now his nose is black a milestone that one LOL

    Take care everyone.

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    Aw they both look adorable I am looking forward to more pictures

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I'm really begining to love this breed of dog. So glad the little fellas doing well and mums accepting him now !!!
    They both look adorable.

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    Well Sean, you really do own a giant pug LOL, how adorable. The one thing I can say about Pugs, which is probably relevant to all breeds, is she knows when I'm down, she will do something to make me smile, they are so devoted. People say they are stupid...not disputing that but I think its what you put into them in the beginning. Treating them like lap dogs, will result in a lap dog if you know what I mean. The last dog I had was a great dane, and he went to advanced obedience, he was fantastic. He was so good, he would do everything by sign language. I recon I can get Jack there too maybe LOL

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    Oh Moonblossom, that is fantastic!! What a complete turnaround!! Love the photos, Jack is just gorgeous!! I don't think I have personally actually held such a new pup. What a lovely boy he is..looking forward to seeing him get bigger. My partner looooves pugs. I must say, the more I see of them, the more I am warming up to them...such funny gorgeous little pooches!

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    This is the first one I have bred Oskars Mum, but my mum is a registered breeder of pugs and is the most fussiest about standards and whom her puppies go too. I have never known a breeder to sleep in the lounge with the new puppies like she does, she is an excellent mentor, and certainly knows whats shes doing, she has never lost one pup, because she is constantly on the ball. When I have to pop out to pick kids up from school, I have her on Skype and she babysits puppy while I am out LOL. In saying that, as you can imagine, I have a lot to live up too If you like cheeky dogs, who clown around, who look at you all the time as if they are saying 'HUH?" lol YOU WIll love them. You just gotta love their personalities

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    So glad things have turned around and all is going well.

    I set up the whelping box in the main bedroom right next to the bed, that way we're all comfortable, but admit to sleeping with one eye open until they are about 2 weeks old.

    It's wonderful to have a good breed mentor to bounce things off - I hadn't thought of skype, what a top idea.

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    OMG that is sooooo cute.
    I bet you are over the moon..
    And that show name is brilliant..

    Congrats on your new bubby what a delightful little angel you have..

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    Here are two more pics. Jack is 1 week, 1 day old now, and hes doing great. Polly is being a great mum, she still has issues with cleaning him so I do it for her, shes such a little Princess LOL. She has started licking him tho, just not where it is needed LOL.

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